Genomics is a game about a nanobot traveling through various mammal reptile and finally human bodies attempting to repair their DNA by collecting base pairs in real time.

The player movement is controlled with one thumb in a circular motion rushing down the DNA strand which is being constructed in front of the player as they speed forward. It's a very simple but effective control method. Controlling a touch based game with one hand ends up being the best way. Simplicity and usability is the main objective of the input and interface.




Genomics is a game about a nanobot traveling through various mammal reptile and finally human bodies attempting to repair their DNA by collecting base pairs in real time.


The main features of this game is the single touch control using the players thumb it is unique to the app store in many respects and hones in on what is so different and special about current touch platforms. I think that the simplicity of it is what will resonate with casual and seasoned game players. 


The game play consist of a touch based UI on an IOS/Android device in which the player controls a nanobot with their finger and they fly forward in a circular tube. It is reminiscent of Tempest from the 1980's arcade machine.


The feelings I want to evoke are excitement and speed. Players on mobile devices do not have a lot of time to play as they are out and about. Capitalizing on this has always been core to the design of the game.


  • Title Screen
  • Options
  • Level Select
  • Game
  • Assessment / Next Level
  • End Credits


The main way to interact will be using the touch screen for player inputs. The menu, down to the basic way of playing the game will center around circular motions in which the player controls the nanobot as the game progresses.


  • Upgrades during play
  • Level ups
  • New game plus perks


  • Speed
  • Health
  • DNA           

Level Design


  • Dark, slimy
  • There is a unfamiliar sense to the whole experience as you make youray through the insect.


  • Sickly, old
  • The next level is about discovery and enchantment as the player becomes more familiar with the world


  • Energetic
  • Inside of a dog the player will feel the energy of the animal as it run around while they are playing.


  • Bright, pleasant 
  • The final stage is inside of a human as the player experiences thewonders of the human body.

Game Flow

  • Player starts moving forward down the bodily system
  • Player moves around in a circular motion to collect DNA
  • Player can then pick up upgrades to help them in their journey
  • At the end of the level the player's DNA is totaled and they are scored


Color Palette

The colors used in the graphics will be different depending on the creature of animal that the player is currently inhabiting. In general the color will match the environment that would be appropriate.             

Style Attributes

The graphic style that will be sought after will be one of realism. I think that in general realistic settings are everywhere these days but for a game inside the body I believe realism will add to the gravity and experience of the situation the player finds themselves in

Objects such as collectible DNA base pairs will stand out  by their unique double helix shape and red blue ends.

Visual feedback for dying will be the screen going dark and telling the player the animal or object has parishes. It is a game about saving the life of the current specimen the player is collecting DNA within.

The music will be primarily string based. This is something rarely done in mobile games. It will be unique and sound like an interactive music toy than a game.

The music will be different for each level and thus will change during play.       

The player should feel that the music is getting more dynamic and important as the level progresses.


  • DNA pick up
  • Upgrade pick up
  • Moving normal speed
  • Moving fast
  • Hitting an object
  • DNA totaling
  • Menu chime


  • Creepy music for the insect
  • Mellow music for the bird
  • Excited music for the dog
  • Triumphant music for the human