The World

The world of my game takes place in the unconscious mind of 3 unlikely people. This is a key component not only to the physicality and setting but also to game play. As the player goes through the game the environments will change and morph based on the feelings of the main character which the player effects through their actions. For example, if the main character looses health they will become scared and the world will seem to grow dark and impending around them.

The geography and climate of these areas of their unconscious mind are metaphor for struggles they faced when the 3 characters were alive and conscious.

There is tall snowy mountain which the young adult needs to face symbolizing his recognition of self worth.

 A long and tiresome desert is one of the obstacles the elder man who lost his wife needs to survive symbolizing the hard and lonely life ahead of him.

An island that the little girl is trapped on symbolizes loneliness. Through the defeat of these fear the characters grow stronger.

The enemies in this world are real fears physically.  The small child is more afraid of insects being Insectophobia. Since the other characters don't fear this they will be stronger against these enemies.

The towns people consist of others they knew in life while conscious. The main characters will know these people individually but when they are all put together in this world it may create interesting or whimsical situations.

All of the main characters will be human by default but through their experiences conquering their life fears they will become stronger and able to control the world with their mind much more. As they journey through the game they will acquire this confidence and skill to finally, after all their personal challenges are met, wake themselves up




Bio: A young girl only eight years of age. Grows up in a loving family in which her brother dies of a young age. A portion of her short life so far has been colored by this grief. She finds happiness in simple things because of this. As a student, she excels in mathematics and music. Her courage in life is witnessed by her parents and in turn they are inspired by her.

She starts her own small garden in the back of her parents house where she watches the sunflowers she plants grow. Diligently she takes care to keep it looking lively and colorful. Occasionally she picks some of the flowers and gives them to the elder folks who live in the neighborhood. Nadia understands the power of small acts of kindness.

One day during her ride to school with her mother, the car speeds up because they are running late. Unfortunately two other people had the same idea. There is a 3 way car crash. Nadia is taken to the hospital. She is in a coma.

Description: She has a small necklace her brother made for her before he passed away. It still is around her neck as she lays in bed at the hospital. Short black hair with bangs rests on her head. Her rosy cheeks fade after the crash.


Biography: For most of his life Leo has traveled the world with his family. Begrudgingly he would say. This attitude has also pervaded many other aspects of his life. His parents jobs were important and thus required the family to live in many places. This gave Leo an opportunity to really experience the world. Unfortunately he never really thought of it like that and for the most part still doesn't.  This was always a shame to his parents because they thought they were giving him a exceptional if not unique young life.

At 19 years old he sets off to find a job back in the United States. This is much harder than he expected and is also having trouble re adjusting to American culture. His last school was a private high school in Germany which he wasn't fond of, but at least he understood the way of thinking.

One day Leo finds himself on his way to work stopped at an intersection. Annoyed he tries to beat the yellow light and smashes into two other cars. People standing by call an ambulance and Leo is rushed to the hospital. He is in a coma.

Description: Leo has somewhat long brown hair. He wears bracelets he got from the Hindu priests while living in India. His face has dark circles under his eyes from working late the previous night. He has small lips and a strong jaw line.


Biography: In his younger years Calvin was full of life with a lot going for him. Indeed his is still wealthy today but there is a sort of solemn emptiness to his money which left after his 5 years-the-elder wife past away just a few years prior. Most of his days are filled with reading books of history he remembers as a child. His family lived though the great depression and still remembers their fight against it.

There is a quiet reserve about Calvin that shows though in his clothing. A simple pocket watch and a few vintage suits lines his closet. The way he goes about his daily life does not suggest he is a man of great money in the slightest.

One morning out for a drive Calvin finds himself daydreaming as his car is hit but two others in a brutal collision. This ruins his car but much more importantly his body. As he is rushed to the hospital and doctors take a look at him, they conclude he is completely paralyzed. Although right now this doesn't matter much because he is in a coma.

Description: Calvin has a stern face which is punctuated by wrinkles. There is a bushy white mustache above his lip and well groomed white hair on his head. He faintly smells of pipe tobacco and autumn leaves.

The Meeting

The three characters have nothing in common nor have they met before. At the moment of the car crash they meet in each other's subconscious and are in a state of comatose together. Their world can change around them at any point because of fears hopes worries or aspirations. In a sense they are in as much control of their surrounding/minds as they allow themselves to be.



The origin of the quest is giving by a hallucination of Leo, the second eldest of my three main characters. A vision of his father tells him to explore the backwaters and jungle of his fear in his subconscious.

Along the way they meet a whisper of Nadia's friend who tells her to be vigilant in the woods for it is not a part of her mind. She wants to trust Leo but she is still unsure.

Finally after searching for a long time with no luck of finding anything helpful and being frustrated with himself and his inability to live up to the expectations of his father, Leo finds a cave to rest in. Nadia and Calvin join him. During the night Leo wakes up to the sound of his old music teacher playing music on the reeds of grass all around him. He follows the sound, which leads him to a pond. Upon instruction of his vision of his music teacher he reluctantly looks at himself to see he is holding a baton. He reaches into it and pulls it from the reflection of the water. His father appears and tells him how to controls the beasts of his and his companions subconscious with it.

Dialogue 1

Nadia: Hey Leo

Leo: Yeah?

Nadia: Why do you think it was a vision of your father who told you to explore?

Leo: I don't know. I think because I believed he thought I would become more of a man than I am.

Nadia: Exploring does that?

Leo: Heh....I guess.

Dialogue 2

Calvin: Hey slow down!

Nadia: ha-ha! Come on old man! We have to help Leo!

Leo: ha! I'll be fine.

Nadia: No you won't! My mom always said we need someone to look out for us. I'll do that for you.

Leo: Ok, as long as it never dangerous.

Nadia: Danger? It's all in your mind.

Calvin: Just be careful kiddo.

Summary of Quest

This quest is about giving Leo his first weapon to use in the world as they travel. It's also to set the tone between the characters and give a glimpse of the supernatural nature of their combined subconscious.


Nadia has run off to play in the woods. Leo and Calvin wait and are worried after she does not return for some time. They decide to set off in search of her. Along the way Calvin begins to get distracted by voices coming from the real world. His family is visiting him in the hospital and are trying to wake him up. They also meet Calvin's brother who entertains them for a bit while they are walking through the forest. There a lot of enemies which Leo can now defeat by commanding the environment with his baton. When they reach the clearing they find a temple. Filled with statues and incense they discover Nadia sitting at the base of the most grand one meditating. Relieved she is ok, they sit down next to her and do the same. When they open their eyes they notice an ancient Gunbai, a Samurai war fan used to relay tactics. Calvin walks towards it and picks it up remembering his father once owned one a long time ago.

Dialogue 1 (Echoes through the world)

Calvin's son: Dad! Wake up!

Calvin's daughter: Stop. Please don't make it harder than this is for all of us.

Calvin's son: I know he can hear me. I just know it.

Calvin's daughter: Sit down. This day has been hard for us all.

Dialogue 2

Calvin's brother: Hey!!!!

Calvin: Oh wow! It's been forever!

Calvin's brother: Well you always were a hermit ha-ha!

Calvin: Hey now you had your own life. You were busy.

Calvin's brother: I know I'm just teasing. What have you been up to?

Calvin: Finding a girl.

Calvin's brother: You always did like them didn't you!

Calvin: A young girl!

Summary of Quest

Calvin finds an ancient piece of the world which he can use to defeat enemies on the field of battle. He meets a lot of his family in fits and spurts along the way.


Nadia, Leo and Calvin come across a massive gap in the world split between 3 separate land masses. This represents the rift in the their psyche between the three characters. A  three faced spirit appears and tells them about the link between their relationships to each other and the effect it has on the world. Together they concentrate to pull the land together. Nadia doesn't seem to be strong enough yet. Nadia's mother appears and reassures her of her strength. The land masses combine and a massive city made up of everyone they know materializes. 

Dialogue 1

3 Faced spirit: Hello friends.

Nadia: Huh? Who are you?

3 Faced spirit: We are you.

Leo: That makes no sense.

3 Faced spirit: If we make no sense nor do you.

3 Faced spirit: When your minds are as one, so too will the land be.

Dialogue 2

Nadia: Ahh... I can't... I can't do it.

Nadia's mother: We can never do what we don't believe we can

Nadia: Mom!?

Nadia's mother: Hello darling.

Nadia's mother: Remember the song I taught you. It will help you remember your strength.

Summary of Quest

This quest is about the solidifying the connection between the characters to each other and the world they exist in make from their minds.